Accessibility Statement


In accordance with the Act on the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications, the Municipality of Jesenice commits to making the official website accessible to all users.

Accessibility Statement

This accessibility statement applies to the website

Certain adjustments have been made systematically to ensure accessibility requirements, such as:

·       responsive design (adjusting the layout of the content of the screen resolution),

·       display of content for users of assistive technologies

·       appropriate colour contrasts (between text and background),

·       images can be equipped with alternative text,

·       different levels of addresses can be used,

·       reader in supported browsers,

·       changing the font size and contrast between text and background,

·       use of a magnifying glass for the visually impaired,

·       emphasizing the links.

Compliance level

Due to the exceptions listed below, the website partially complies with the Act on Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications.

Unavailable content

We constantly monitor the accessibility of the website and continuously improve individual accessibility elements. However, some of the published content does not meet all of the accessibility requirements outlined in the Act on Website and Mobile Application Accessibility. We were able to improve individual accessibility elements and adapt them to ZDSMA provisions based on the available resources. Some online content, however, is currently unable to meet all accessibility requirements. Their final adaptation to the requirements would be inefficient, especially given the complexity of the content, in terms of disproportionate personnel and financial burden.

Examples of such content are:

·       scanned documents in PDF format,

·       software-generated documents (e.g., annual reports),

·       various complex data tables.

Feedback and contact information

Visitors to the website may occasionally encounter accessibility  issues due to frequent content updates, despite efforts to make all websites as accessible and user-friendly as possible.

Notification of potential cases of non-compliance of publications with the provisions of the Act on the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications, as well as requests to provide information in an accessible format, can be sent via regular mail or email to the following address:

Municipality of Jesenice
Cesta železarjev 6
4270 Jesenice

You will receive a response within eight days of receiving the notification or request. If we are unable to provide an adequate response within this time frame, we will notify you when the answer will be provided and the reasons for the delay.

Enforcement procedure

Inspectors of the Information Security Administration of the Republic of Slovenia at the Ministry of Public Administration oversee compliance with online accessibility requirements, disproportionate burden assessments, the publication of accessibility statements, and the provision of a feedback mechanism, as well as responding to users in accordance with the provisions of the ZDSMA.

Contact information for the competent supervisory authority, to which users can report unsatisfactory responses to their notification or request:

Public Sector Inspectorate
Tržaška cesta 21
1000 Ljubljana
+386 1 478 83 84

Preparation of the accessibility statement

This statement was prepared on April 20, 2023, based on a self-assessment.