Steely determination on the ice, fervent support from the stands: JE-SE-NI-CE!

Author: Domen Jančič

The hockey puck is the most important symbol of home for Jesenice fans. The Reds' troops can be heard in the tunnel connecting the railroad station to the Podmežakla Sports Hall, and their chants and rallying cries have and will continue to support the Jesenice hockey players, particularly during games against the Greens. Kurja vas is to Jesenice what Šiška is to Olimpija, as it produced the most hockey players. Hockey was a given because of the eternal shadow that kept the ice on this side of the Sava frozen even after the lettuce had been harvested on the other side.

Almost every house near the legendary Jesenice hockey club's hall contributed at least one hockey player. The first wooden hall was built on the site of an artificial ice surface that had previously been discovered, one of only a few in Yugoslavia at the time. Initially, stands were built around the pitch, and in 1954, work on a wooden structure began. The work was halted, and the rink still lacked a roof. The hall was covered in 1978 and was gradually built up over time, with the final image today provided by EuroBasket 2013, when Jesenice hosted the first round of the basketball championship.

This season, we will definitely return to Jesenice by mid-April to watch one of the matches of the Alpine Hockey League.


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If you wish, you can arrange a guided tour of the Podmežakla Sports Hall and see interesting content in the sports museum.

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